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23-Year-Old Mark Zuckerberg Has Google Sweating

What’s the only company that scares Google? Facebook.

Just as Google has become what some people call the operating system for search, Facebook is turning itself into the operating system for social networking. While Google knows what millions of people are searching for, Facebook has something the search giant hasn’t been able to grow: a network of connections between people that creates a viral distribution platform unrivaled by any portal or search engine.

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Open Source: Opening in a Big Way in APAC

Here’s an item on how Open Source is making big waves in the APAC region.

Open source accounts for between 25 and 70 percent of all software in Australian, Chinese, Indian and Korean companies, according to a recent IDC survey.

In an interview with ZDNet Australia sister site ZDNet Asia, Wilvin Chee, research director with IDC’s Asia-Pacific software research group, said: “Businesses are using a variety of open source software, ranging from infrastructure software and storage to enterprise applications such as CRM (customer relationship management) and ERM (enterprise resource management).”  “If you want to roll out a low-cost infrastructure in India and China, open source is definitely the way to go,” said the IDC analyst.

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Are you ready to be an iPerson?

iPhone has arrived. The hype and hoopla sorrounding this lastest mobile convergence device is so big that it seems the much polpular Apple iPod will also be overshadowed by iPhone’s popularity. It’s a phone. It’s a music player. It’s a camera. It’s a communicator. In short it’s a device that will redefine the way we have been staying connected with our mobile devices. In an interesting article on the lastest gizmo, Prof. Ezra Shapiro, a former art director and computer journalist checks out how much of our expectations have been met by iPhone .  Please find the detailed article: iPhone: Ready for your toolkit or not (

Say hello to iFuture of convergence.

Talk about hype. In the last six months, Apple’s iPhone has been the subject of 11,000 print articles, and it turns up about 69 million hits on Google. Cultists are camping out in front of Apple stores; bloggers call it the “Jesus phone.” All of this before a single consumer has even touched the thing…. Also check at NYTIMES’ website: iPhone Matches most of its hype @

Apple has once again hit yet another goldmine. Wonder what will it be for MS Zune?

iBye. iWishes.

Writing for the Web: The Future

Here’s an interesting  interview about the future of online content.  According to Chris Nodder, a user experience specialist for the Nielsen Norman Group, it’s looking pretty bright.

Web-usability expert Jakob Nielsen has said for more than a decade that writing for the Web is different than writing for print. Nielsen has promoted the use of the inverted pyramid, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, subheadings, and hypertext. Even though some of these guidelines conform with traditional journalistic teachings, not all journalists know about them or use them on the Internet — and some reject them entirely.

But on the Web, 10 years is an eternity. And new questions have arisen. With the growing prevalence of audio and video online, what is the future of text? Will the guidelines for online writing change when screen resolution improves? Will the inverted pyramid kill creative storytelling?

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