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Are you ready to be an iPerson?

iPhone has arrived. The hype and hoopla sorrounding this lastest mobile convergence device is so big that it seems the much polpular Apple iPod will also be overshadowed by iPhone’s popularity. It’s a phone. It’s a music player. It’s a camera. It’s a communicator. In short it’s a device that will redefine the way we have been staying connected with our mobile devices. In an interesting article on the lastest gizmo, Prof. Ezra Shapiro, a former art director and computer journalist checks out how much of our expectations have been met by iPhone .  Please find the detailed article: iPhone: Ready for your toolkit or not (

Say hello to iFuture of convergence.

Talk about hype. In the last six months, Apple’s iPhone has been the subject of 11,000 print articles, and it turns up about 69 million hits on Google. Cultists are camping out in front of Apple stores; bloggers call it the “Jesus phone.” All of this before a single consumer has even touched the thing…. Also check at NYTIMES’ website: iPhone Matches most of its hype @

Apple has once again hit yet another goldmine. Wonder what will it be for MS Zune?

iBye. iWishes.


Smart Business Communication Strategies for Small Businesses

You have fructified your idea. You worked hard. You now have a business, small in size but big with ambition. If you assume that a smart execution of your idea would do the talking with the world and bring you business, think again. You need to adopt some smart business communication strategies. Please go through my friend: Andrea Morris’ 101 Ways to Market Your Small Business.

Here’s a snippet of what Anrea has written in her enriching and powerful prophecy:

Are you a small business, consultant or entrepreneur? Looking for ways to market your services to bring in more sales?

I don’t need to tell you that a big reason 8 out of 10 US businesses fail is because they don’t have sufficient sales to sustain their business – I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times.

However, if you’re like most entrepreneurs the thought of “selling” makes your stomach churn. When we do a word association with “salesperson”, most of my clients say things like “sleazy”, “untrustworthy”, “pushy” or “unethical.”

In fact, a recent Gallup Poll indicates that sales people really do have a bad rap – with sales/marketing being 3 out of the 4 least trusted professions.

So you NEED to sell and you don’t want to be a salesperson. Easy enough. Read More>>

A simple yet extensive list of items you should initiate to market your business initiative. I am sure you will be successful. Communication certainly empowers businesses. Big or small. Andrea believes so. I too.