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Who am I?

Possesses ten years of impressive work equity in the IT and Media industry and growing strong. Areas of involvement include Technical Communication, Presales, Corporate Communication, Project Management, Knowledge Management and Technology Journalism. Continuing to contribute as a resourceful knowledge worker to multimillion dollars worth project and product development initiatives. Have been involved in all phases of mega IT projects and have contributed to employers’ prospects by implementing best practices, setting benchmarks, and forging successful business relationships. Adept at the art of successfully entwining varied cultures and work styles from local to global, and managing by objectives. Have successfully built, trained and managed teams while working for various projects. Strongly believes in the theology of communication. Runs the campaign “CommQuer the World”. Inspires greenhorns, supports underdogs, and empowers the have-nots.

Eldest son, eldest brother, grandson, husband, son-in-law, nephew, friend, enemy, colleague, employee, subordinate, boss, team member and lead.


Hello world!

Welcome to This is my blog! My online scribble pad! I am late. But certainly not a laggard. Have always raced against time. And this time too, I will catch up with the fastest, friendliest, inquisitive, eccentric, and creative notes. Come once. Come twice. Keep coming always. There will be new words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters. “Posts” in total. On communication, data, information, content, knowledge, creativity and convergence. Complete the communication cycle with your comments or feedback. Let’s converse and converge our ideas. Let’s communicate.